With revenues of more than €10 billion in 2013, SFR is the second largest telecommunications operator in France. As a global operator, SFR responds to the needs of all its customers, whether members of the general public, professionals, businesses, local authorities or operators, providing mobile, fixed, internet and television services. As the owner of its infrastructures and with more than €1.5 billion annual investments, SFR is equipped with the most complete network, and is actively deploying very high speed fixed and mobile broadband in order to promote future use of its services.

SFR was the first to provide 4G in France to the general public and businesses in 2012. Its consumer offers are among the best in the marketplace, both for fixed services, with its Evolution box and its set-top box with Google Play and for the mobile segment, whether with its “Formules Carrées” full-service offers and its “Extra” included or with low cost offers called Red. SFR is also an expert for solutions in the fields of unified communications, Machine-to-Machine and cloud computing for businesses.

SFR has more than 21 million mobile customers, including some 18 million subscribers, and more than 5 million high-speed home Internet subscribers. SFR is a fully-owned subsidiary of Vivendi and has around 9,000 employees.



GVT is the leading alternative telecommunications operator for fixed ultra high-speed broadband, fixed-line telecommunications and Pay-TV in Brazil.

GVT offers comprehensive and advanced telecommunications services to markets ranging from large, mature sectors with strong cash-flow generation (such as conventional telephony) to high-growth sectors (such as broadband, Pay-TV using satellite and IPTV technology, Internet services and VoIP). This approach allows the Company to target a broad market, to offer one-stop shopping for all fixed-line telecommunications Internet and Pay-TV services, and helps stabilize its revenues.

Delivering content, interactivity and managed services over broadband Internet is part of the strategy to lead the broadband and Pay-TV multiservice segment in Brazil. GVT is aware of the need to deliver ultra high-speed Internet, enabling the customer to have a truly connected home, with multiple devices operating over the same broadband connection.

GVT’s network is the most modern in Brazil. It includes one of the most extensive local access networks and long-distance fiber infrastructures in the country, which supports its leading position in the NGS (Next Generation Services) market and allows the Company to expand its presence nationwide.

At the end of December 2013, GVT operated in 150 Brazilian cities in 20 states as well as in Brasilia. In 2013 alone, the Company launched operations in 14 cities across five states, with almost 16 million inhabitants. It also began serving the retail market of São Paulo, which is the largest city in Brazil.

Vivendi owns 100% of GVT since 2010.


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