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Living together

Culture at the heart of sustainable development

Cultures With @en - 04/15/2015

Alice Cathelineau, Artistic director of the company “Opéra sur le toit”

On the surface, these teenagers attending a priority-education school (REP) would seem to have little in common with the glitzy world of opera. Yet, exposure to this world would prove to be quite formative for them. Above all, we sought to transmit a group creativity dynamic, which requires, first...

Bringing joy through communications and entertainment to young people in need


College students and professionals united for a great symphonic concert

A very special concert will take place this March 14 in the recently superbly-renovated Radio France music auditorium. The professional musicians from the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra and college students from three “Orchestre à l’Ecole” (orchestra at school) will unite to play together...


Point of view - 04/24/2015

Marvin Ammori: “We use the Internet to help save the Internet.”

He highlights the underlying problems in Washington, stating that, “… the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) tends to hear mostly from big phone and cable companies that make 100 billion dollars a year, that have lots of lawyers, lots of lobbyists, and many people at the FCC in the U.S...