Sharing our HR vision

Vivendi has opted for decentralized management of its human resources operations. The main areas of activity involve supporting innovation, the group's growth and the professional development of each employee.

Vivendi operates in an exciting environment with constantly changing technology, and must anticipate new trends while continuing to uphold its responsibilities to customers, shareholders and employees.

Its Human Resources teams are in charge of recruiting, developing and enhancing the group’s talents to make them the driving force behind Vivendi’s values and beliefs:

  • Employees must remain attentive to our customers so that we can meet their needs in all matters related to our products and remain deserving of their trust and loyalty.
  • Our talents also defend and promote cultural diversity and the various forms of expression involved in different countries and traditions. They must provide content adapted to each country and promote its richness and variety.

Vivendi encourages and promotes creativity, imagination and initiative, which are significant factors contributing to the group’s growth and dynamism. The HR teams must create the right conditions for employees to develop their individual skills and to innovate in their work. For example, a certain degree of flexibility is needed to foster artistic expression and creative freedom. Adapting to the challenges and opportunities created through individual imagination and accelerated by technological transformation requires a high degree of responsiveness and excellent problem-solving abilities.

Vivendi considers teamwork and networking among our talents to be the best assets in developing the creativity and responsiveness our consumers deserve. Learning to work together and to share information within the group is key to our success.

Respect for Vivendi’s ethics is an essential precondition for joining the group. We attach the utmost importance to social dialogue and cohesion. Vivendi fully assumes its corporate responsibilities and commitments with regard to sustainable development. The group keeps its employees informed on these matters and encourages them to integrate sustainability considerations into their work.

Our teams are aware of their responsibility to our shareholders: we must ensure regular growth in revenues and income to generate true value creation for them. The goal is to outperform our competitors, and our employees deploy their experience and demanding standards to boost the group’s competitiveness.

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