Supervisory Board

Since 2005, Vivendi has chosen a two-tier governance structure based on a Supervisory Board and a Management Board. This structure allows it to separate control and management authority. Since 2008, Vivendi has rigorously applied the AFEP/MEDEF Code of Corporate Governance for Publicly Traded Companies, as amended in June 2013.

The Supervisory Board, chaired by Vincent Bolloré, is a collegiate body. Its deliberations involve all its members, who undertake to keep them confidential.

Vivendi’s Supervisory Board counts 14 members: nine men and five women, including the member representing the Group’s employees (*), and five women including one representative of the Group’s employee shareholders (**). Ten members are independent Directors. In addition, one non-voting Director attends the meetings of the Supervisory Board.

The June 24, 2014 Annual Shareholders Meeting approved the procedures for appointing employee representatives to the Supervisory Board in accordance with the French Law of June 14, 2013 on Employment Security.

Honorary Chairman

Honorary Vice-chairman


Non-voting Director

Non-voting Director

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