Supervisory Board

Since 2005, Vivendi has chosen a two-tier governance structure based on a Supervisory Board and a Management Board. This structure allows it to separate control and management authority. Since 2008, Vivendi has used the AFEP/MEDEF Code of Corporate Governance for Publicly Traded Companies.

The Supervisory Board, chaired by Vincent Bolloré, is a collegiate body. Its deliberations involve all its members, who undertake to keep them confidential.

Vivendi’s Supervisory Board counts 14 members: eight men and six women, including the member representing the Group’s employees (*) and one representative of the Group’s employee shareholders (**). Ten members are independent Directors. In addition, two non-voting Directors attend the meetings of the Supervisory Board.

Two specialized commitees have been assisting the Supervisory Board in fulfilling its duties: the Audit Committee and the Corporate Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

Honorary Chairman

Honorary Vice-chairman


Non-voting Director

Non-voting Director

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