Universal Music Group is the world's No. 1 music company. Its operations comprise three divisions: recorded music, music publishing and merchandising.



With their diversity and areas of operation (both global and local), the UMG labels complement one another by focusing on various music genres and segments.

The recorded-music operations focus on discovering new talents and developing their careers by marketing and promoting their music worldwide via all formats and platforms. UMG also diversifies its artist-connected operations to include tour management, sponsorship and brand usage.

UMG markets its artists’ recordings and promotes them via media and point-of-sale advertising. Public appearances and concerts are key elements in its marketing strategy, while television advertising plays a major role in the marketing of compilations and new albums.

In music publishing, UMG discovers and helps develop the careers of singer-songwriters, and holds and manages not only recording copyrights but also composition copyrights with regard to their use in other recordings, concerts, films and advertising. UMG’s catalog contains over 2 million titles.

The merchandising team’s goal is to produce and sell spin-off products related to artists and other brands through multiple points of sale (fashion boutiques, tours, Internet) all over the world.


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