Dailymotion lance aujourd’hui une solution de publicité vidéo avec visibilité garantie jusqu’à 100% en collaboration avec Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, leader de l’analyse de l’attention en temps réel. Dailymotion, plateforme vidéo du groupe Vivendi, dont le réseau représente plus de 7000 Publishers internationaux, est ainsi désormais en mesure d’offrir aux annonceurs une garantie de visibilité basée sur des métriques certifiées par Moat. 

As noted in a recent IAB report , visibility is the most important metric for advertisers in measuring the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Dailymotion’s guaranteed visibility advertising solution in collaboration with Moat thus offers brands, marketers, agencies and DSPs the ability to achieve scores of up to 100%, depending on their campaign objectives.

The IAB report also reveals that ads with visibility scores of 70% or higher have better click-through and interaction rates, but 33% of digital advertisers don’t really trust video advertising KPIs. . Dailymotion’s guaranteed visibility solution certified by Moat thus offers advertisers the possibility of securing their investments in a tense economic context.

 » Visibility is no longer a nice-to-have, it has become an essential issue , » explains Bichoï Bastha, CBO at Dailymotion .  With Moat, we respond to one of the biggest concerns of advertisers, in a period when every euro spent is challenged, by offering them the absolute assurance of obtaining measurable results. This collaboration with Moat gives them access to all the measures necessary to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and inform their future decisions.  »

“ Today, advertisers are focused on maximizing consumer attention in environments tailored to their brand, providing the best possible user experience ,” said Mark Kopera, Product Manager at Moat. Along with this comes an increased need to highlight the KPIs of each campaign. This unique opportunity with Dailymotion has allowed us to create a product that exactly meets market demand by ensuring that advertisers will achieve the visibility scores they set upstream for their campaigns.  »