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CANAL+ Group announces exclusive content in 4K / Ultra HD on Apple TV 4K, including:

  • Live events: best Ligue 1 championship game of each week with a new 4K / Ultra HD experience
  • CANAL+ Original Creations in 4K / Ultra HD
  • A selection of films, TV shows and documentaries in 4K / Ultra HD

The last seasons of Original Creations such as Le Bureau des Légendes and Kaboul Kitchen are already available now. Other programs, including Versailles S2, The Young Pope, Jour Polaire, Les Guerriers de l’Ombre as well as new original creations, documentaries and films will frequently be added to this selection. The CANAL+UHD live channel will be available from mi-October on Apple TV 4K.

4K / Ultra HD is available with no additional cost for CANAL subscribers using an Apple TV 4K, a compatible TV, the latest version of the myCANAL app and high-speed Internet access (from 20 Mbps). Users will enjoy a 4K / Ultra HD image quality, with a 4-timehigher resolution than Full HD: an extraordinary and immersive experience.

This 4K offer will soon be extended iPad, MacBook, iMac.

Moreover, programs in 4K/UHD will be featured with high standard Dolby Digital+ 5.1 sound.

In the meantime, CANAL+ Group keeps on bringing Full HD quality, for live and ondemand content that are not yet available with 4K / Ultra HD, on all the compatible devices and set-top-boxes.

CANAL+ Group, a pioneer in technological innovation for entertainment, has partnered with ATEME and ANEVIA to benefit from their expertise and to be able to make and
stream secured 4K / Ultra HD programs. ATEME and ANEVIA are French tech companies, specialized in video encoding for both live and on demand streams. They are flagship companies for France in their industries.

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