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Today’s developments in the Vivendi businesses occur in the digital arena. As a key player in media, Vivendi invested in dynamic companies which distribute content but also have an innovative approach to customer experience.

Consumers today have easy and personalized access to cultural products: at home, when traveling, on one or more screens, on demand, or by subscription. They benefit from the pervasive use of the Internet and the increase in connected equipment. Vivendi seizes the opportunities that arise from these new consumption and distribution models.

  • Vivendi created the Vivendi Village entity which brings together innovative and agile businesses in the digital sector such as Vivendi Ticketing, MyBestPro (which connects individual consumers with professional service providers through different digital platforms), Watchever (expert in streaming and online video technologies) and Radionomy (with its extremely popular media player Winamp and its SHOUTcast streaming software).
  • In a “mobile first” environment where video consumption on mobile devices is growing rapidly, Vivendi Content, aimed at creating new content formats, and Canal+, have brought a response to the expectations arisen from these new consumer behaviors by creating Studio+, a totally new business which develops and produces original premium content dedicated to smartphones and tablets.
  • The acquisition of the global leading digital and social game publisher Gameloft in June 2016 offers Vivendi the opportunity to participate in a market with strong growth potential and which complements its own business.



Vivendi owns 90% of Dailymotion, one of the biggest aggregation and distribution platforms in the world. It is the leading French website worldwide in terms of traffic, with 300 million users each month. The platform positions itself as the European leader in online hosting and sharing of videos.

Dailymotion makes it possible to view, broadcast, search, store, share, comment and monetize videos on the Internet. The platform puts video creators in contact with the users viewing them, and with the advertisers which enable them to monetize their videos.

In the first half of 2016, Dailymotion opened its first office in the city of Abidjan, in Africa, in partnership with Canal+ Overseas and from there it will be able to develop its activities on the continent.