In a nutshell

Vivendi Village is a testing ground to experiment new ideas and quickly launch projects for the benefit of the entire Group. 

Vivendi Village is present across the whole entertainment value chain.

It is organized around three businesses and offers multiple cooperation opportunities between the units it is comprised of, in particular in the fields of:

  • IP,
  • Live, scouting and nurturing talent,
  • Ticketing.

What drives Vivendi Village? The alliance of IPs, talent, live, digital; and four features: entrepreneurial spirit, agility, collaboration and boldness. Our motto is “Try, fail, fix”: to succeed, innovate; to innovate, try; to try, have no fear of failure!

Created in 2015, Vivendi Village employs 743 people in 20 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa, and has annual revenues of €141 million.

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