Olympia Production


Olympia Production is a production house for shows and concerts created in 2016.

This activity reflects Vivendi’s commitment to bring about performances by both up-and-coming and established artists.

In 2018, Olympia Production produced or coproduced more than 1,000 concerts and shows in France with a portfolio of no less than 32 artists in the fields of music and comedy only two years after its inception.

Olympia Production also owns music festivals in France. Most recently, it announced the acquisition of Garorock, one of country’s largest music festivals. It also owns Les Déferlantes, Live au Campo, and Brive Festival through Festival Production, a joint company between Vivendi and the publishing groupCentre France. In addition, Olympia Production  and OL Groupe, organized around the Olympic Lyonnais soccer club, have formed a joint venture to launch the Felyn Stadium Festival combining music, street art, a gastronomic village and sporting activities, to be held in Lyon in June 2020.

Olympia Production, the sister company to U Live in the UK, aims at contributing to the existence and development of a diversified offer of high-quality festivals in some of France’s most beautiful regions, fully respecting their identity and local footprint.

Olympia Production and Universal Music France have joined forces to scout and nurture talent through a structure called Initial.

For a full list of artists, please check the Olympia Production website.