As part of its CSR policy, the Vivendi Group encourages and supports engagement by its employees who wish to turn their sense of generosity into meaning and action. But the Group also directly expresses its societal responsibility in the form of actions aimed at aiding young people. They target the struggle against:

  • scholastic failure,
  • aiding in career orientation,
  • integration into the world of work,
  • the creation of new businesses,
  • the development of artistic or athletic talents.

More chances for integration

The Vivendi Group deploys many innovative actions for strengthening young people’s chances of integration into the world of work:

  • “La chance aux concours”: Created in 2007 via Create Joy, Vivendi’s solidarity program, at the initiative of a group of volunteer journalists, La Chance aux concours provides free preparation of scholarship students for the competitive admissions examinations for France’s journalism schools.

Accompanying talents

The Vivendi Group continues its policy of encouraging young talent in the entrepreneurial and cultural fields.