The Vivendi Group encourages the employment of disabled persons in the Group. The ARPEJEH association for aiding disabled young students was founded in 2008. It brings together companies and public actors in all sectors who are engaged in an active policy of encouraging employment of disabled persons, equal opportunity, and diversity.

The association numbers among its members some 40 companies, including L’Oréal, LVMH, and Air France.

The goal of ARPEJEH is:

  • to avoid having young disabled students end their studies too early,
  • to help them lift self-censure by showing them that they can have a quality work career.

To achieve this, the association organizes “job discovery” workshops in middle schools. These are an opportunity for disabled young people to realize that there is a place for them in companies and that to claim it, it is essential that they continue their studies.

Beyond this commitment, the Group’s subsidiaries mobilize in favor of programs and partnerships dealing with disability through:

  • recruiting,
  • adaptation of recruiting tools and procedures,
  • alternance contracts,
  • adaptation of work stations,
  • outfitting and accessibility of facilities,
  • setting up infrastructures necessary for telework,
  • training managers and HR in disabilities of all types.