Under European recommendations, since it has locations in several countries of the EEC, the Vivendi Group has implemented an European Social Dialogue Committee. In addition to the French members of the Corporate Works Committee, the ESDC comprises representatives of the personnel of Vivendi’s European subsidiaries as well as representatives of European labor dialogue bodies (the European Trade Union Confederation, CEC European Managers, etc.)

The ESDC meets in plenary sessions with General Management at least once a year and takes part in the presentation of the international part of the diagnosis of the Group made by the Corporate Works Committee’s expert.

The Vivendi Group’s ESDC has broader prerogatives than provided for in the European Directive, including

  • training sessions for its members,
  • joint meetings initiated by General Management on “transverse” topics.

The ESDC has contributed to

  • drawing up the Safety at Work Charter,
  • conceiving the Fundamental Social Rights Charter in force in the Group,
  • developing the Group’s Compliance Program, Including the “Values Charter” and the “Oversight structures and procedures”.