The Corporate Works Committee is a labor-dialogue body whose role is essentially to provide economic information. Appointed by the trade unions from among the elected members of the Works Committees or Works Councils of Vivendi’s French subsidiaries, its members are kept informed on issues relating to the Group’s strategy and its evolution in the economic, financial, and social areas. Its Secretary can address the Group’s General Management regarding any current topic involving the Group.

The Corporate Works Committee meets in plenary session with the Group’s General Management at least once yearly. Its own Board meets at least four times a year.

To carry out its mission, the Corporate Works Committee calls in an expert of its choice. He or she has access to the Group’s accounting, financial, and social information, and more generally to any information that can facilitate an “intelligent reading” of the Group’s accounts. With the aid of this expert, the Corporate Works Committee publishes a yearly report on the economic and social situation of the Group which is then discussed in a plenary session with General Management.