The digital world

Exceptional imagination for exceptional development! To accompany and share digital transformations and anticipate their impacts on its businesses, the Vivendi Group constantly innovates. Examples are:

At UMG, workshops and seminars on the state of the digital art – its usages, its value chains, its technologies, its participants.

In the Canal+ Group, after the “Campus du Numérique” and “Summer Campus” initiatives, the teams have developed a new program, “EXPERT+“, for strengthening employees’ digital business expertise.

Innovative “in-house” instructional content

The Vivendi Group is constantly innovating in the area of employee training, which focuses on:

  • personal development, as for example

For the Canal+ Group, after the “Parcours Philo” and its “Masterclass” comes “CAMPUS CARRIERE”, an “à la carte” method for getting help in managing one’s career.

To encourage exchange of skills, UMG Korea is setting up a mentoring program to accompany and train young people recruited within the company. The initiative also allows young people to contribute their own expertise regarding new usages. The UMG group as a whole, but also at the initiative of each country, develops the idea that the Group can – nay, must – learn from young people.

  • local practices

Universal Music Group: micro-modules in management apprenticeship.

Promotion through training

The Vivendi Group’s subsidiaries encourage training leading to a diploma, and even to new career perspectives. Example:

Canal+ Group: a “VAE” (Validation des acquis de l’expérience – Validation of Acquired Experience) program was created in the customer relations centers.