Scholarship for the talents of L’Ecole des Nouvelles Images

International excellence animation and computer-generated images training.

Bourses d’étude pour les talents de l’Ecole des nouvelles images

Established in Avignon, this school trains in the computer-generated images and 3D animation. The arrival of new technologies, such as the increased or virtual reality, opens new exploration scopes for the computer-generated images. For several years we have classified the training in compartmentalised specialities such as animation, video game, special effects, design, etc., when today it appears clearly that  these domains converge and enrich each other, all the faster as the used technologies are more and more similar. Through approaching the computer-generated image as a new language, at the same time graphic, narrative, experimental and technological, the school develops a global approach of this new art and allows its students to have access to all the job opportunities that stem from it.

Vivendi Create Joy offers scholarships to the talented students stemming from modest backgrounds.