Registered shareholders

Shares can be held in “bearer” or “registered” form.

Shares are “registered” when the name of the holder is known to the company whose shares are listed. This form provides shareholders with a privileged relationship with the group, in particular with regard to information and company news.
To become a registered holder, you need to be listed in the company’s register.
You can do this by:

  • choosing to have Vivendi hold your shares (pure book-entry shares).
  • or having your shares held by the financial institution of your choice (administered shares).

Vivendi has entrusted the management and follow-up of its share services to BNP Paribas.

Shares are “bearer shares” when the shareholder has not taken any steps to list them in the company’s register and is known only to Euroclear.

Pure book-entry shares “Pure book-entry” shares are recorded in Vivendi’s books and are held by the group’s transfer services – the management of which has been entrusted to BNP Paribas Securities Services (see the heading Contacts).
To become a pure book-entry shareholder:

  • You can purchase shares directly via Vivendi’s share transfer services after having opened a share account and signed a portfolio benefits contract. For this, contact BNP Paribas Securities Services (see the heading Contacts ).
  • You can also ask your financial institution (bank, savings and loan, brokerage company, etc.) to transfer shares that you hold to a book-entry account by submitting a written request.

The advantages of pure book-entry sharesBy holding your shares in pure book-entry form, you benefit from:

  • the absence of custody fees.
  • reduced brokerage fees: 0.30 % excluding VAT* on the gross amount of the transaction up to €200,000.00 (with a minimum of €7.00) and 0.15 % beyond (with a minimum of €4.10).
    Shareholders are to bear the cost of cash transfer fees incurred on an account abroad (if applicable).
    Financial Transaction Tax: 0.3 % of the amount of the share acquisition price (rate in force au 01/01/2017).
  • free online services (excluding connection costs) to check your account and order stock trades:
  • automatic dispatch of Shareholders’ Meeting notices.

*0.36 % including VAT at 20 %.

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Administered shares “Administered shares” are entered into Vivendi’s books, but are held and managed by your financial institution. In this case, the applicable fees are those of your financial institution, which will be your only contact. You are invited to attend Shareholders’ Meetings by the same means as a “pure book-entry” shareholder (automatic dispatch of meeting announcements).