Committee Meeting of Vivendi shareholders on September 20, 2013

The meeting began with a presentation by Jean-François Dubos, President of the Management Board,of the latest strategic decisions taken by the group, in particular the study of a demerger plan unanimously supported by the Supervisory Board. Jean-François Dubos also highlighted the main assets of the various subsidiaries of Vivendi (SFR’s significant investment in 4G and FTTH, benefit from the acquisition of EMI Recorded Music by Universal Music Group, development of free TV and access abroad for Canal + Group, network growth and new pay-TV for GVT,… ).

Jean-François Dubos reiterated the group’s desire to deleverage and reduce the discount of its action.

The Committee meeting was followed by an analysis of the first half of 2013 earnings and of the outlook for the full year.

Le Village des Actionnaires (Village of shareholders) was also presented to the Committee. This is the new individual shareholder’s appointment in Paris in which Vivendi has decided to participate, with a stand as well as speeches from Stéphane Roussel, Senior Executive Vice-President of Vivendi’s Management team and Manuel Alduy, Head of Cinema and TV series acquisition of Canal+ Group.

Participation in the Village des actionnaires’ complements the various initiatives of the shareholders’club:  financial and thematic meetings, previews of films, visits to Olympia, competitions for the festivals of Aix-en-Provence, Marciac and La Vézère… The Committee members particularly liked the cinema tickets that were available to them.


Presentation of CultureswithVivendi and Vivoice, two communication tools. Cultural diversity is one of the pillars of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Group. The “CultureswithVivendi” website was created to illustrate the issue of CSR. It has three sections: “Artist Inspiration”, “Creatives Jobs” and “Intercultural Dialogue”. Vivoice, the website’s radio’s group was also presented to the Committee. Vivoice allows specialists to examine CSR issues specific to Vivendi and is available on


Workshop on Twitter. Vivendi has several accounts with @simongillham, @fvallois, @solangemaulini, @Vivendi_News, @TheMediaShaker, @ WebradioVivoice.

Prior to this meeting, the Committee had responded to three questions:

1)      Do you see Twitter as an adequate communication tool for individual investors?

2)      What would you like to see on Twitter?

3)      Which Twitter accounts looks interesting?


The discussion focused on the editorial and coordination between different Twitter accounts of the holding company and its subsidiaries. Vivendi intends to have a communication policy on Twitter that reflects its diversity and its components.

TheMediaShaker. The platform of debates about artistic creation in the digital age offers each month an important debate. All schools of thought are invited to comment. The latest debate is about the future of the television and the web. Previous topics related to the financing of creation in the digital age and to the choice between liberalization or regulation. In addition to a monthly discussion, topics “Photos”, “If I was Cultural Minister,” “Don’t miss it”, “Shake The News” all feed TheMediaShaker. Committee members were invited to contribute to the blog.