Shareholders’ Committee Meeting of March 27, 2015

The meeting on March the 27th began with a friendly discussion with Frédéric Crépin Senior Executive Vice President & Group General Counsel around Vivendi’s progress and news.

He explained the Group’s ambitions since its reconfiguration and debt reduction, to develop an integrated organization with efficient team coordination between its various businesses.

He expressed his enthusiasm over the recent green light given by the Brazilian regulator for the sale of GVT to Telefonica.

He also confirmed the Management Board’s firm opposition to the PSAM fund’s recent demands and deplored the fund’s desire to dismantle the Group, recalling its objective of a balance between shareholders’ return and financial flexibility to support growth.


Presentation of Vivendi’s annual earnings and review of current news events

Solange Maulini, the Press and Individual Shareholders’ Director, presented 2014’s fourth quarter earnings as well as those of the entire fiscal year.

She came back on Vivendi’s major repositioning stages in media and content with the new management’s arrival on June 24th 2014. She then presented the Group’s key figures and its evolving financial position. She finally recalled the expected outlook for 2015.

Upon the Committee’s request, she clarified the conditions of the shareholders’ return and the dividend prospects.


Discovering Vivendi Talents

Christine Pigeyre, Vivendi’s Vice President for External Communications, then presented projects around Vivendi Talents, an initiative which aims at bringing together all content and media talents.

She detailed the reflection process carried out by the Group on the theme “How to discover and support talents throughout the Group’s brands, and combine this desire with a social and environmental commitment.”

She introduced five Vivendi Talents projects: The Vivendi Talents Coffee, The Vivendi Talents Show, The Vivendi Talents website, the Create Joy initiatives and the Music Celebration Day.


A discussion then took place on finding a way in which the Committee could attest the development of these initiatives.


Create Joy, Vivendi’s solidarity program

Diane Emdin, the Create Joy Director, reiterated the solidarity program’s goals and presented its concrete actions, particularly its partnerships. Upon the Committee members’ request, she explained the operations made abroad.


Exchange over lunch with the individual shareholders’ relations team

The questions which were raised during the Committee were then further discussed over lunch.