After enhanced web versions were launched in October 2011, the magazines dedicated to the Canal+ Group’s offering, Plus and CanalSat Le Mag, are continuing their digitalization with new iPad versions that offer information about special programs on the Canal+ and CanalSat channels every month. This is a unique tactile experience, enhanced with exclusive, interactive video and audio content that can be shared via social networks. Along with each article, the user can watch a given program’s trailer and leaf through the touchscreen pages to explore other exclusive content such as interviews, behind-the-scenes show information and interactive articles to learn more about various films, major sporting events and the secrets of filming a series. With this fresh step, Canal+ is able to match subscribers’ new consumption habits with increasing accuracy.

Activision Blizzard

Star Wars 1313™

LucasArts has announced the internal development of the licensed game Star Wars 1313™. This third-person action and adventure game will take players to the depths of Coruscant, the most frightening place in the Star Wars™ galaxy. In a merciless underground world of ill repute called Level 1313, they will take control of a dangerous bounty hunter tasked with tracking down enemies and discovering the truth about a sinister plot. The game will offer intense fighting scenes that require human skills and weapons rather than superpowers. All the game’s details will be revealed over the coming months. Visit for the latest news.

Universal Music
New album from Les Marins d’Iroise

After a successful first album (over 270,000 copies sold), Les Marins d’Iroise are back with La Belle Aventure, a captivating new work offering emotion-filled songs from the chanson française and traditional repertoires performed by the group’s 26 voices. This new album, which features an exceptional version of the iconic Georges Brassens song, “Les Copains d’Abord,” also commemorates the group’s 20th anniversary.

Home by SFR

SFR is entering the remote-monitoring market with Home by SFR, a connected alarm system that alerts customers immediately via mobile phone in the event of a problem at home. Users can then see what is happening in real time thanks to a panoramic camera. If necessary, the system can call a security agent to the home any time of the day or night. It is easy to install and available by subscription, and an equipment package is included. Two systems are on offer, with two security levels that can be set according to need, and they are available to any consumer, regardless of operator. To learn more about the service or to subscribe, just visit the dedicated website at

Maroc Telecom

Solar-powered airplane lands in Morocco

Maroc Telecom has joined the Moroccan Solar Energy Agency (Masen) in welcoming the arrival of Solar Impulse, an experimental Swiss plane that is the first to be powered solely by solar energy and which can fly both night and day. At the end of its first intercontinental flight on June 5, it landed on the tarmac at Rabat-Salé airport. During the welcoming ceremony, Abdesalam Ahizoune, Chairman of Maroc Telecom’s Management Board, paid homage to the project’s originators, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, and also highlighted the exceptional nature of this technology, saying, “It has no disadvantages: it is a clean, unlimited resource that has no adverse affects on humans. Such renewable, unlimited resources represent a new hope for future generations.” Maroc Telecom’s support for this event is part of its strategy aimed at encouraging sustainable development and clean energy.