CanalOlympia, the first network of cinema and live performance venues in Africa part of Vivendi, opens its first venue this June 14 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Cinema, music, live shows: CanalOlympia, a combination of Vivendi’s know-hows, stands for two iconic brands associating the wealth of content produced by Canal+ and the expertise of the legendary Parisian venue.

CanalOlympia, a Vivendi Village unit, will participate in the creation of new public locations dedicated to entertainment and culture on the continent. A jumping-board and incubator for talents, CanalOlympia aims at revealing local artists, produce them, allow them to meet their fans and give them exposure across Africa. In the long-term, CanalOlympia intends to play a role in tying together the different cultural actors present on the continent. To do so, the CanalOlympia venues will open their doors and embrace many different types of art forms: film projections, concerts of both local and international artists, stand-up comedy, conferences, meet-ups… and become a place of creative emulation.

Tens of cinema and live performance venues, built with modular interiors and exteriors to welcome different types of events (film screenings, concerts and shows), will be spread in Africa. These venues, of a new kind, will also be eco-friendly and powered by solar energy.