Havas Group and Universal Music Group (UMG) announced the formation of the Global Music Data Alliance (GMDA), a unique partnership that will enable the billions of data points that UMG and its artists generate to be aggregated and contextually analyzed by Havas’ world-class algorithmic and data scientists. The result will provide new revenue opportunities for UMG artists and labels by creating powerful marketing and advertising opportunities for brands.

UMG’s proprietary data across multiple artists and genres will be layered with Havas’ behavioral data to allow for a greater understanding of the correlation among artists, music fans and brands. This data includes not only music and video sales and streaming, but also social media and airplay, and even merchandising data from Bravado (UMG’s merchandising division), and ticket sales data from Vivendi Ticketing, which provides ticketing services for select UMG artists and events. The result is a comprehensive view of music and music related consumption across a range of platforms.

New audience patterns and segments will be developed that can be applied across thousands of artists’ online and mobile properties, thus offering UMG labels, artists and advertisers unprecedented consumer insights which can be used to guide marketing and advertising opportunities for brands and artists alike.

With GMDA, artists will be able to monetize their fan bases more effectively by understanding the different characteristics of their fans and what specific offers and products will appeal to them. 

Further, with GMDA, advertisers will be better able to identify which genres and which specific artists appeal to their consumer bases as well as the music-related opportunities that will attract those consumers. This will make the advertiser’s decision to invest in music-related marketing much more accountable and will allow labels and artists the opportunity to create a broader relationship and more integrated partnerships with brands.


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