As an economic player with more than 20,000 employees worldwide, Havas has a role to play in making the world a better place. Havas wishes to focus on actions with a positive impact toward a more inclusive and sustainable society. This is undoubtedly the purpose of both its Meaningful strategy and its CSR policy.

It has been ten years since Havas defined its six CSR commitments together with ambitious objectives to guide all of its practices and businesses. Over the past few years Havas has achieved most of these objectives, but wants to do more.

In order to maximize the visibility of our CSR commitments and concrete actions in its journey to make Havas the most meaningful communications group with its employees and its clients, Havas’ CSR strategy will communicate under the unique Havas Positive Impact brand.

Havas Positive Impact will bring together all its CSR initiatives and actions around the world. It will be organized around three key pillars: environment, meaningful communication and people.

Havas Positive Impact’s first action is to share its updated environmental policy with you, which Yannick Bolloré has just signed.

This policy formalizes Havas’ commitment to the environment and reducing climate change and is an important step in the certification of its Environmental Management System under the ISO 14001 standard. This system will be deployed worldwide in the coming months and it represents a strategic asset for Havas’ business and a further step towards supporting its agencies in their journey to obtaining the B Corp certification.