Vivendi, Founding Official Partner of the “International Film Meetings under the tent”, has renewed its support to the third edition of this event which took place in Ouarzazate (Morocco) from March 8 to 10, 2012. These meetings have become in three years a real international laboratory of creation and exchange for trainees and students of the cinema sector worldwide.

During four days, students from about ten cinema schools located in Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Spain, United-States, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania, were invited to present their films, to discuss technical cinematographic aspects, to share their experiences, to dialogue with other cultures, etc. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was the theme for this third edition of the Meetings under the tent.

On that occasion, Vivendi wished to invite Christine Cauquelin, Canal+ Director of documentaries, to take the floor at the Meetings under the tent and to share her experience and her expertise with the students. She participated, along with Pascale Thumerelle, Director of Sustainable Development of Vivendi, to a conference on “Intercultural dialogue at the heart of sustainable development”. She also conducted two master classes, one on “The documentary, prescriber of cultural goods” and the other one on “The role of incarnation in the documentary”.

This support is perfectly in line with the group’s sustainable development policy, which has defined as soon as 2003 promotion of cultural diversity as one of its strategic issue. Indeed, Vivendi considers that cultural diversity, by stimulating creativity, eases the dialogue between peoples and strengthens social cohesion. These International Film Meetings under the tent of Ouarzazate cover only one aspect of the partnership with Vivendi, since it also includes training. The objective is to contribute to development and reinforcement of professional capacities of young people in these countries. Therefore Vivendi brings a financial support to the Specialized Institute in Cinema Professions (ISMC – Institut Spécialisé des Métiers du Cinéma) of Ouarzazate. Thanks to this financial support brought to trainers engaged by the association France Volunteers, Vivendi has permitted the production of numerous documentaries by the students of the ISMC for the last three years.