On May 4, 2012 in Tunis, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is launching the Media Sector Supplement (MSS). This Supplement represents significant progress in the reporting approach specific to the media industry at the international level. Several themes are included, such as freedom of expression, pluralism and quality of content, the representation of cultures, independence, protection of personal data, accessibility and media literacy.

As a founding member of the international and multi-partner working group set up by the GRI at the end of 2009, Vivendi contributed actively to drawing up the Sector Supplement. As soon as 2003, Vivendi defined three sustainable development specific issues (protecting and empowering youth, promoting cultural diversity and sharing knowledge), and then organized the reporting of qualitative and quantitative information related to them.

The mission of the GRI is to define guidelines to aid organizations in accounting for their economic, environmental, social and societal performance. In addition to the universally applicable guidelines, sector supplements are drawn up by the GRI for business sectors facing some specific issues. It is now done for the media industry.

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