On World Children’s Day 2020, whose theme is “Reimagine”, Paddington will be getting involved in the following ways:

  • November 16-19 – Paddington will call his fans to action via an Instagram post. He will ask them to “reimagine a better future” with a drawing which they can share using a hashtag.
  • November 20:
    • Paddington will re-post a selection of his fans’ best drawings on Instagram.
    • Unicef will create a photo album of the best drawings at the top of the Paddington’s partnership page to demonstrate Paddington’s involvement in the initiative and to raise awareness about the partnership as a whole.

In addition to World Children’s Day, the Paddington/Unicef partnership has implemented specific actions throughout the year to help children:

  • Behind each window of Paddington’s Advent Calendars, instead of chocolate, an illustration will be revealed of one of the 24 gifts funded by the sale of the calendar and delivered to children across the world.
  • Paddington’s Parcels may contain hats, scarves, pencils, schoolbooks, toys, and vaccines, as chosen by the donor.
  • Paddington’s Postcards are sent to children whose parents have subscribed to a monthly donation. As a thank-you gesture, Unicef sends these children a postcard that allows them to explore a different country and discover the life of a child living there.