Paris, February 18, 2016



Vivendi: proposed public tender offer for the shares of Gameloft
at a price of €6 per share


Vivendi, the largest shareholder in capital of Gameloft, a French company with internationally-recognized know-how in mobile gaming, announces its intention to file with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (the French securities regulator, the “AMF”) a public tender offer for all the shares of Gameloft at a price of €6 per share, following the crossing today of the 30% threshold in the capital of the company.

The proposed acquisition of Gameloft, which was approved today by the Vivendi Supervisory Board, fits perfectly with the Group’s strategy to develop as a global leader in content and media. Video games constitute content in their own right and now represent a significant part of the entertainment and media market, and mobile gaming is the segment expected to record the fastest growth.

This proposed acquisition would create value for both companies.

Gameloft, one of the leading players in its market and one of the few in the industry to have succeeded in establishing itself on all continents, enjoys a first-class creative know-how and a real expertise in designing original formats for mobiles.

Vivendi intends to offer Gameloft new development levers, both industrial and financial, within a diversified media group. Vivendi is convinced that, as with its other businesses, the key to success for a company such as Gameloft is the development of its creative content and talent.

Vivendi and Gameloft share many commonalities, including French roots, an international dimension and a similar understanding of cultural diversity to meet the expectations of consumers in each country.

The proposed public tender offer applies to all outstanding Gameloft shares not yet held by Vivendi. It is subject to review by the AMF which will evaluate its compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The price of €6 per Gameloft share represents a premium of 50.4% over the share price on October 14, 2015, prior to Vivendi’s announcement that it became shareholder of Gameloft, and a premium of 22.9% over the weighted average share price over the past 6 months.



About Vivendi

Vivendi is an integrated media and content group. The company operates businesses throughout the media value chain, from talent discovery to the creation, production and distribution of content. The main subsidiaries of Vivendi comprise Canal+ Group and Universal Music Group. Canal+ is the leading pay-TV operator in France, and also serves markets in Africa, Poland and Vietnam. Canal+ operations include Studiocanal, a leading European player in production, sales and distribution of film and TV series. Universal Music Group is the world leader in recorded music, music publishing and merchandising, with more than 50 labels covering all genres. A separate division, Vivendi Village, brings together Vivendi Ticketing (ticketing in the UK, the U.S and France), MyBestPro (experts counseling), Watchever (subscription video-on-demand), Radionomy (digital radio), the Paris-based concert venue L’Olympia, the future CanalOlympia venues in Africa and the Theatre de l‘Oeuvre in Paris. With 3.5 billion videos viewed each month, Dailymotion is one of the biggest video content aggregation and distribution platforms in the world.,


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