Gameloft turns 20

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Gameloft turns 20

On this occasion, Gameloft offers players a birthday gift: Gameloft Classics, an application allowing to discover 30 emblematic games of the mobile game.

Founded in 2000 in Paris, France, at the dawn of the new millennium, and originally created to bring video games to mobile devicestoday Gameloft is a multiplatform developer for mobile, PC and consoles, among others. The leader in game creation and publishing is proud to contemplate its past and recognize its influence on the video game industry as a wholeWith 20 years of historynearly 800 games and a bright future ahead of itGameloft wishes to push the limits for the years to come. 

To celebrate this milestoneGameloft is offering a special birthday gift to playersWith Gameloft Classics, a free application available on Android devicesplayers discover the pleasure of retro gaming thanks to 30 iconic mobile gamessome of which are available for the first time on smartphones. Some of Gameloft’s greatest successes are of course presentwhich helped define mobile gaming from the early 2000s to today. 

Gameloft Classics, which already records 100,000 downloads, allows to rediscover Bubble Bash 2, a classic of the puzzle game, Date or Ditch 2, a classic of the simulation of romantic relationshipsNOVA, the original shooter, Block Breaker Deluxe 2 & 3classics of the game arcade, and many others. 

>> See the press release here (in French).