Publication of the ‘CSR in the media sector’ handbook

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Publication of the ‘CSR in the media sector’ handbook

As a founding member and active contributor to the Forum RSE Médias*, Vivendi participated in the launch conference of “CSR in the media sector” handbook, which took place on March, Thursday 6th at the French National Library (BNF).

Vivendi took part into the elaboration of this handbook in the framework of the Forum RSE Médias. The purpose of the guide is to present CSR issues specific to the media, to share the sector initiatives, as well as develop sector-specific reporting tools. It includes currently an introductory section and seven factsheets, and will be subjected to regular updating. 


Download the “CSR in the media sector” handbook (only available in French) :

 Introduction section / Livret introductif (4 Mo)

 Factsheet 1: Accessibility / Fiche 1 : Accessibilité (1 Mo)
 Factsheet 2: Media Literacy / Fiche 2 : Education aux médias (853 Ko)
 Factsheet 3: Journalism Ethic and Deontology / Fiche 3 : Ethique et déontologie journalistiques (699 Ko)
 Factsheet 4: Environmental Impact / Fiche 4 : Impact environnemental (789 Ko)
 Factsheet 5: Youth Protection / Fiche 5 : Protection de la jeunesse (944 Ko)
 Factsheet 6: Portrayal and Promotion of Diversity / Fiche 6 : Représentation et promotion de la diversité (811 Ko)
 Factsheet 7: Raising Audience’s awareness on sustainable development / Fiche 7 : Sensibilisation du public au développement durable (756 Ko)

The guide is available in the dedicated section of website of the French Observatory on Corporate social responsibility (ORSE), also member of the Forum RSE Médias.


* The Forum RSE Médias was created in April 2011, in anticipation of the publication of the 1st international framework on CSR reporting for media companies by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Forum brings together French companies committed to CSR, and, to date, it represents a large universe that includes public and private audiovisual, cultural contents, free press, magazines, and the internet contents, generalists and specialized. With the support of researchers, public authority representatives and other organizations, the Forum is the occasion to share best practices in the sector, to engage in a dialogue with the stakeholders, and develop sector-specific reporting tools.