Vivendi included on The Economist’s Global Diversity List

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Vivendi included on The Economist’s Global Diversity List

Pascale Thumerelle, Vivendi’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Vice President, has been selected for the Global Diversity List. First established by The Economist in 2015, this list recognizes figures from the public and private sectors and professional networks that have distinguished themselves worldwide through their commitment to and efforts on behalf of diversity.
The selection of Pascale Thumerelle, who appears among the “Top 50 diversity professionals in industry,” is justified as follows: “She created verifiable indicators to monitor diversity in the production and distribution of content . She has been able to promote CSR criteria integrated into Senior Executives’ variable remuneration, related to the growing inclusion of local talent and women experts on air. Thumerelle has demonstrated to the wider media how Vivendi created social and financial value by promoting cultural diversity.”
The Global Diversity List, unveiled last 31 October and divided into eight categories, was ratified by a panel of independent experts from several thousand nominations submitted by readers of The Economist. Among those selected for the “Top 50 diversity professionals” and “Top 50 diversity figures in public life” categories were a number of public figures (including Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Prince Henry of Wales), private sector representatives (such as Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft; Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever; and Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook) and several Nobel laureates, including Malala Yousafzai and Muhammed Yunus.
Pascale Thumerelle’s appointment to the list recognizes the positive results of Vivendi’s CSR policy, which, as early as 2003, has defined the promotion of cultural diversity in content production and distribution as a strategic issue.
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