Our integrated reporting process promoting value creation

Driven by the determination to combine CSR and value creation through the choice of its strategic issues and its positioning, Vivendi has pursued an integrated reporting process by involving the different functional divisions of its corporate headquarters and its subsidiaries over the years.

Integrated reporting allows the group’s stakeholders to have a grid that provides an overview of its missions, its performance, its growth drivers, its corporate social responsibility commitments, its strategy, its risks and its opportunities.

In 2013, the launch of the integrated reporting pilot project, devoted to cultural capital, made it possible to involve the finance directors (headquarters and subsidiaries) more directly in this reflection process. Indicators establishing the link between investments in content diversity and profitability were selected, then examined by analysts representing the investors (Amundi, Groupama AM, Oddo Securities). This pilot project showed that the production of musical, cinematographic and audio visual content offering a rich cultural diversity satisfies general interest (societal value) and offers the group a competitive advantage over its competitors (financial value).

Expanded internationally in 2014 and presented in an integrated analysis of the strategy, this pilot project gave rise in 2015 to a more in-depth analysis.



Our integrated reporting process (Excerpt from Vivendi’s Annual Report 2015)

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2014 Integrated Reporting Pilot Project

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2013 Integrated Reporting Pilot Project

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