Creating value for customers

Chiffres clés clients

Vivendi’s capacity to offer its customers original, quality content while at the same time facilitating the options for enjoying it at will, is one of the main sources of value creation for them. To satisfy this demand, the group nurtures the curiosity and the diversity of its customers’ tastes, cultivates their digital trust in a spirit of loyalty and transparency, welcomes their creativity and ensures it protects and empowers its younger audience.

Diversity of artistic expression, pluralism of content and editorial innovation are all criteria for satisfying customers 75% of whom feel that “Canal+ is a channel that offers programs that you cannot see anywhere else” and who, through their purchases, give Universal Music Group a better than 30% share of the world’s music market.

This sharp difference characterizes the offers of Canal+ Group whether this involves films, TV series or entertainment programs. The same is true for the documentary channels that cover a diversity of themes and genres (history, science, civilization, society, investigation, adventure, escape, wildlife) and which, in 2015, offered 1,135 hours of programming to Canal+ subscribers.

The diversity in the cultures of audiences is satisfied by the richness and the variety of the Universal Music Group labels (which include Capital Music Group, Island Records, Def Jam Recordings, Polydor, Blue Note Records, Decca and Deutsche Grammophon). The digitization of UMG’s exceptional catalog promotes heritage and encourages different generations to share musical emotions. The artists signed by UMG in close to 60 countries express themselves in 44 different languages. In 2015, the best UMG sales were not only achieved by established international artists but also by new musical discoveries and local artists.


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