Creating value for shareholders

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Creating shareholder value is central to Vivendi’s strategy, with a long-term view . This created value is measured in particular through the group’s financial and extra-financial performance. It is accompanied by an active communication policy that is essential for establishing a regular dialog with Vivendi’s management, sharing the strategy and commenting on the achievements of the group’s subsidiaries. The integrated reporting process illustrates this dynamic.

Vivendi’s financial communication is based on the principle of providing precise, transparent and fair information concerning the group’s position to all shareholders, analysts and investors.

The Vivendi Investor Relations department maintains a close and ongoing dialog with the analysts of brokerage firms and investment funds.

It also continuously adds to and updates the Investors/analysts section of the corporate web site, which is intended in particular for institutional investors.

In cooperation with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, it organizes meetings with analysts and investors interested in the group’s CSR policy.

Vivendi’s financial communication to institutional investors also translates into the organization of meetings about the world’s main financial markets, and the participation of executives from corporate headquarters and from the group’s subsidiaries at investor conferences.

In all, in 2015, 546 “events” (including roadshows, investor conferences, meetings at Vivendi corporate headquarters or at its subsidiaries and analyst contacts) were organized in Europe and in the United States.


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