Creating value for suppliers and business partners

Chiffres clés partenaires commerciaux

Vivendi contributes actively to the local economic fabric of the territories in which it conducts business, particularly through the business contracts that it signs with its different partners in compliance with the group’s rules of conduct. To assess the creation of value, economic results and fairness of practices must go hand in hand. As the Vivendi Compliance Program states: “The desire to strive for economic performance cannot in any circumstances justify breaching the rules of business ethics. On the contrary, this requirement for performance requires everyone to act in a way which favors commercial relationships which are lasting and based on loyalty and integrity”.

The Vivendi business units make sure to integrate the group’s commitments based on the Compliance Program and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in their tender calls and their contracts with their principal suppliers. In 2015, to assess the risks associated with the Vivendi supply chain, an evaluation of the purchases made from suppliers and subcontractors accounting for at least 75% of the total expenditures of each of its subsidiaries was updated. This study shows that 85% of the group’s purchases comprise the purchase of content and professional services and that 84% of these purchases are made in Europe.

In 2016, Vivendi will continue its work to consolidate the commitments it has made to making progress on its purchasing operations with the operations staff of its business units and in order to better anticipate increasingly demanding regulatory changes.


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