The necessary resources

To carry out its missions and its strategy, the group needs the specific human, cultural, financial, industrial and natural resources detailed below.

Capital financierFinancial capital

Vivendi has financial capital at its disposal by restructuring its assets and calling upon financial markets and institutional lenders.


Capital industrielIndustrial capital

The group develops its own distribution materials and its digital platforms (Dailymotion, Canalplay, Watchever) as well as its satellite capabilities. It manages a vast stock of set-top boxes. It also has facilities (e.g., buildings and performance halls) in numerous cities in Europe and internationally.


Capital intellectuel et culturelIntellectual and cultural capital

Vivendi owns intellectual property rights (exploitation rights for films, audio visual programs, music catalogs, broadcast rights for sporting events) that it markets via its own distribution networks and media, its digital platforms or those of its partners. These intellectual property rights also include trademarks, labels and patents. The group also has cultural resources and networks that help increase its potential for creativity and for attracting talent offering a wide diversity of expression.



Vivendi relies at the international level on the skills and talents of its employees, artists, authors, creators, journalists, technicians, developers or designers. The group draws from this rich diversity of cultures, ideas and artistic expressions to produce original, quality content and services.


Environnement sociétalSocietal environment

Vivendi maintains a regular dialog with all of its stakeholders or their representatives (artists and professionals of the sector, shareholders, employees, clients, public authorities, academic institutions, NGOs and suppliers). These exchanges consolidate strong and long-term relationships with all of the private or public actors, allow enhanced anticipation of societal changes and contribute to the group’s overall performance.


Ressources naturellesNatural resources

The group, its suppliers and its service providers use raw materials necessary to produce and distribute their offerings of content, services (data centers; transport flows; consumer equipment) and goods (CDs and DVDs).


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