Our eight CSR priority issues

Vivendi is a global integrated industrial group in media and content. As soon as 2003, the group has defined three strategic CSR issues directly linked to its core business : promoting cultural diversity in content production and distribution, empowering and protecting young people in their digital practices, and knowledge sharing, which includes pluralism, media accessibility and literacy. In 2014, a decision was made to include the issue of valuation and protection of personal data to the three  historical “core” CSR issues.  

The four strategic issues listed above for the media sector (the “core”) are part of Vivendi’s eight priority CSR issues, which take into account the group’s economic, societal, social and environmental performance:


The Integrated reporting approach illustrates the materiality of the CSR issues directly related to the group’s activity, which exerts a human, cultural and intellectual influence over millions of customers and citizens.

Vivendi’s reflexion on its specific responsibility was enriched by a stakeholder consultation carried  out by the group in july 2014. A substantial consensus emerged favoring further strengthening of the positioning of the group’s CSR policy within the three historical “core” issues, to which the issue of protecting personal data was added in the interests of consistency, given the development of the group’s digital activities.

Media sector issues stand out because of their unique characteristics, and are noticed by the market and by civil society at large. . Both SRI and mainstream investors give Vivendi a good rating based on its positioning on these sector objectives (see “External assessment“).