The CSR department reports to the Chief Operating Officer, who is a member of Vivendi’s Management Board. In accordance with its internal rules, the Supervisory Board regularly examines the group’s corporate social responsibility policy.

The Supervisory Board and the Management Board

The Management Board informs the Supervisory Board of CSR policy results in a quarterly activity report. The Corporate Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee assesses in more detail the achievement of the CSR objectives included in the variable compensation of the group’s senior executives, and calculates the corresponding bonus. The Audit Committee reviews the group’s CSR policy twice a year.


The CSR Department

The CSR department defines the strategic guidelines and carries out cross-departmental functions:

  • assisting in defining the CSR criteria used to determine the variable compensation of senior executives, in conjunction with the Human Resources department and the Management Board;
  • working with the Finance department to manage the integrated reporting process;
  • organizing CSR road shows for investors , together with the Investor Relations department;
  • mapping the risks relating to CSR, together with the Audit department;
  • disseminating the Compliance Program in conjunction with the Legal department; and
  • maintaining regular constructive dialog with the subsidiaries’ functional departments to implement the CSR policy within the group.


Since 2003, the CSR department has convened meetings of a Committee consisting of representatives of the subsidiaries and of several of the functional departments at corporate headquarters (Legal, Finance, Audit and Human Resources). Every CSR Committee meeting provides an opportunity to invite experts, representatives from civil society or from national and European institutions to discuss topics within the group’s eight priority CSR issues.


The topics “Human Rights and Business Relationships” and “Environmental Footprint of Models for the Distribution and Consumption of Musical and Audiovisual Content” were the focus of the meetings of the CSR Committee in 2015, and were linked to discussions about the proposed French legislation on the “duty of vigilance” of companies vis-à -vis their subsidiaries and their suppliers, and to issues surrounding the International Climate Conference (COP 21).


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