Extra-Financial Reporting as a Management Tool

Vivendi has built an innovative extra-financial reporting process that clearly shows the group’s CSR positioning, opportunities, and risks to stakeholders. In the media and cultural industries sector, Vivendi has been at the forefront of reporting and assessment of societal indicators directly related to its activities.

Linking the “core” specific CSR issues to human rights

The indicators, grouped together in the Reporting Protocol for Environmental, Social and Societal Data of the Vivendi Group Companies, created in 2004, are linked to relevant and material issues.

In Vivendi’s “Communication on Progress” report, which is prepared every year as part of its adherence to the United Nations Global Compact signed in 2008, Vivendi reports on its implementation of the Compact’s ten principles within its sphere of influence and, in particular, provides clear information on the first objective relating to human rights. Vivendi followed the same innovative approach when implementing the French Grenelle II law, by providing societal data in connection with “human rights” themes specific to the content industries.


Read more : our 2015 Communication on Progress

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A specific reporting for the media sector

In 2009, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) invited Vivendi to become a founding member of an international working group responsible for defining quantitative and qualitative sector indicators for the media industry. In May 2012, this work resulted in the publication of a Media Sector Supplement to the GRI’s reporting guidelines. This is a significant step forward in the reporting process for the media sector.

Extra-financial reporting governance

A Steering Committee made up of members of the Management Board and functional departments (Legal, Human Resources, and CSR) regularly evaluates changes and improvements to reporting within the group. The Statutory Auditors assessed the relevance and materiality of the indicators and extra -financial information identified and defined in Vivendi’s Reporting Protocol. For fiscal year 2015, one-third of this data is presented in this chapter of the Annual Report and was audited by Ernst & Young.


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