Our talents’ talent

A talent policy close to people and their work.

The Vivendi Group has opted for a decentralized form of Human Resources management. Beyond recruiting activities, teams who are close to the realities of the business activities and to employees have the essential mission of developing each talent within the context of the Group’s values, but also its strategic and technological evolution. The goal is to position the talent policy as a force that contributes to day-to-day performance and to perspectives in the middle and long term.

On digital markets where usages and media are constantly changing, the Group’s Human Resources department works to develop employees’ agility as regards:

  • personal qualities:creativity, an ability to listen, responsibility, a group spirit, courage, operating in a network,
  • expertise and know-how; technologies, operations, publishing, content production and distribution, sales development, marketing, customer relations.

The issue is a fundamental one for the Group, which consequently invests in training and the professional and personal development of talent.

In parallel, the Group makes every effort to have a fair and balanced remuneration policy that is competitive on its various markets.