Golden rules

Permanent reference points.

The Vivendi Group’s Human Resources policy is guided by three Golden Rules which accompany and guide employees, managers, HR staff, and senior executives at all times.


From job responsibility to personal balance

Each Vivendi employee is responsible for his or her own career and managing its development. Starting with this essential principle, the Group orchestrates a balance in the working life that takes the form of:

  • Attractive remuneration founded on individual added value and group contributions to the Group’s success. This recognition of individual effort and collective results draws from a highly varied financial and extra-financial palette: Fixed wage, bonuses, social advantages, complementary retirement, mutual health plan, employee shareholding plan.
  • Accompaniment for career evolution, in particular through annual assessment interviews accompanied by investments in training that go well beyond what is required by legislation.
  • Reconciliation between working life and private life. By anticipating labor legislation and taking advantage of the new communication technologies, the Group encourages any form of flexible working hours that is suited to the entity – part-time, “time savings accounts,” telework.


Performance in human relations

The Vivendi Group’s attitude of openness finds daily expression in an active policy of exchange with:

  • The social partners: Founded on trust, dialogue opens discussions, active listening enriches them, and their results contribute to the Group’s evolution,
  • Schools: The Vivendi Group has a true educational-relations strategy: The Group enters into partnerships with major institutions and participates in a range of encounters between students and companies – conferences, round tables, sitting on admissions examination juries, etc. The goal is to go beyond communication of a corporate nature to engage in exchange, upstream, with the best employment profiles of tomorrow.
  • Internal and external candidates: Totally committed to achieving diversity in terms of age, gender, culture, disability, training, and other areas, the Group conducts a recruiting policy in line with that principle. It multiplies exchanges and contacts and adheres to the rules of equal opportunity, guaranteeing that all applications are processed without discrimination and adhering to objective, transparent recruiting criteria. As regards training, the Group always prioritizes skills, experience, and relational qualities.


From initiative to determination

The Vivendi Group is engaged in the present and committed to the future. It promotes and encourages:

  • Audacity in its employees in order to set itself apart today and gain ground for tomorrow. This represents a calculated risk that is nonetheless indispensable for the Group and provides opportunities for those who want to try their wings,
  • Employee engagement with volunteer initiatives working for equal opportunity, supported by the Group,
  • Actions and projects related to sustainable development, which determine a share of the remuneration of the Group’s senior executives.