The European Company Committee

The European Company Committee (ECC) is the new supranational body created by agreement in 2019.

It is composed of 27 members representing 22 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

This body will enrich social dialog at European level and will cover all employees in Europe, including the United Kingdom after Brexit.

European social partners will meet twice a year in a plenary session to discuss transnational issues.

Points of information will cover matters such as news about the Group, its strategy, its economic and financial situation and its policies on HR, employee savings, CSR in Europe, etc. Consultations will cover reorganizations, acquisitions and disposals on a European scale.

The members of the body have been provided with substantial resources to give them the best possible support in their new role. Thus, the agreement provides for training courses, working time credits and expert assistance to help with the development of knowledge of the European social sphere.

This new committee will not replace the representative bodies in place at local or national level but will provide a more transversal European perspective.