Vivendi and the stock market

Where is Vivendi listed?
Vivendi’s shares are listed on Compartment A of Euronext Paris (ISIN code FR 0000 127771).

What is Vivendi’s ticker symbol?
Vivendi’s ticker symbol is ISIN code: FR 0000 127771.

Are Vivendi shares eligible for deferred settlement?
Yes, Vivendi shares are eligible for deferred settlement.

Are Vivendi shares eligible for a French stock savings plan (PEA)?
Yes, Vivendi shares are eligible for a French stock savings plan.

Is there a telephone number for checking Vivendi’s share price?
For shareholders calling from France, Toll-free number: 0 805 050 050 (from a landline in France) for access to share price information, real time quotes, and changes in the CAC 40 index.

What is the share’s par value?
The par value of Vivendi’s share is € 5.50.

Where can we get the history of Vivendi’s share price ?
Clic here

If I am liable for French wealth tax, what price should I use on my tax return in 2016 ?
Shareholders subject to the wealth tax can use:

  • either the last price on December 31, 2016 (€ 18.055).
  • or the average of the closing share prices for the last 30 market trading sessions of 2016 (€ 18.037 ).

What are Vivendi’s net earnings per share?
Net earnings per share rose to €0.99 for 2016, versus €1.42 for 2015.

What is Vivendi’s adjusted net income per share?
Adjusted net income per share rose to €0.59 for 2016, versus €0.51 for 2015.

Which stock indexes include Vivendi?
Vivendi’s stock is part of the CAC 40 index, as well as of the Euro Stoxx Media and Euro Stoxx 50.
Vivendi is also included in several sustainable development stock indexes, such as the FTSE4 Good Global, the ASPI Eurozone and the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI).

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