Zazie’s eighth album

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Zazie’s eighth album

Universal Music Group
Zazie’s eighth album

A few weeks before the release of her eighth album, Cyclo, Zazie began unveiling tracks from it one by one. This week, after presenting the first two songs, “Les Contraires” and “Mobile Homme”, she offers “20 ans”, a pop song reminiscent of her earlier albums. The artist wrote the lyrics for this album and entrusted the music to Olivier Coursier, the musician from the group AaRON. Fans will have to be patient and wait until the album’s release on March 18 to experience the eight remaining songs.


Activision Blizzard

Activision and Bungie have announced the development of Destiny, a new interactive gaming universe and the most epic adventure that players will ever have seen. Destiny will offer a new way to experience FPS action games. A breathtaking adventure in a rich, bold and connected world, with an incredible mixture of cooperative, competitive, public and community missions. In a distant future, armed with incredible powers, the player will be the guardian of the last haven of life on Earth.

The game’s release is slated for


SFR’s M2M solution, m-alert

SFR Business Team is now offering m-alert, a personal security and merchandise tracking system via an M2M solution combining the cellular and GPS networks. The system is designed for people working in isolation or in dangerous conditions. The concept is simple: the user carries a pocket device with a button that can trigger an alarm. Users on the other end can geolocate the person, assess the criticality of the situation using the “listen” function and, if needed, send emergency assistance. A leader in the machine-to-machine sector with over 53% market share,** SFR Business Team aims to bring businesses the best M2M solutions using its smart network, technological expertise and its knowledge of the careers of its partner customers.

**Source: Arcep Q3 2012


Maroc Telecom
Mobile TV service

Maroc Telecom is offering a 50% discount on subscriptions to its mobile TV service, which allows users to watch television right on their mobile devices even when on the go. A wide range of local and foreign television channels are available. The service is available to Maroc Telecom subscribers who have a SIM card, 3G coverage, and a compatible mobile device with an adequate configuration.


GVT expands its coverage area

GVT invests in 2013 about $ 21 million in expanding its coverage area in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In February, it were released over 3000 fixed telephone lines and broadband services in the locality By the end of the year, the company plans to make available 10 000 lines in the region. This population acceptance is remarkable with high speed of sales contributing to the net new adds. We also have quite bold audacious plans for 2013, to accelerate our presence in the region by expanding network in the current areas of operation and to three new cities in the state.


Groupe Canal+
Third season of Braquo

The third season of Braquo is currently being filmed in Paris and the surrounding areas. Written by Abdel Raouf Dafri with Jérôme Pierrat, the new season will, like the first two, be composed of eight 52-minute episodes. At the beginning of this new season, the remaining members of the Paris-area police team are more scattered than ever, and each of them tries to cope their afflictions while Théo Wachewski seems to hover between the worlds of the living and the dead. But they must resume their duties when a former cop tips Caplan and his men off about a trafficking ring orchestrated by the powerful eastern mafia. As for Vogel, he waits in the wings, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on the group and finish Caplan off for good.