Promoting Cultural Diversity in Content Production and Distribution

Since 2003, promoting cultural diversity has been a CSR priority for Vivendi. The group shares the vision of UNESCO whose 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, states that cultural diversity is “a mainspring of sustainable development of communities, peoples and nations”. Since 2010, this issue is one of the objectives taken into consideration in the compensation of the Group’s senior executives.

Vivendi, who invested €2.3 billion in music, film and audiovisual programs in 2014, is committed to encouraging diversity in musical repertoires and cinematographic expression, spotting and supporting new talent,  promoting local talent and showcasing cultural heritage. As demonstrated by the Integrated Reporting pilot project, the promotion of cultural diversity creates both social and financial value. 


Main focus of the area for action

  • Encouraging creation in all its diversity
    • Invest in creativity ats its source
    • Promote diversity in audiovisual, cinematic and musical expressions
    • Foster creativity at the digital age
  • Promoting local talent and cultural heritage
    • Promote local talent and support their international reach
    • Strenghten local production skills in Africa
    • preserve and promote heritage works
  • Promoting respect for intellectual property and supporting artists 
    • Fight against piracy
    • Organize meetings among various stakeholders

Some examples  of initiatives and best practices

  •  Culture(s) with Vivendi

In order to provide concrete illustrations of the major role played by culture in fostering economic growth and enhancing social cohesion, in 2012, Vivendi launched the website “Culture(s) with Vivendi”. Focusing on cultural diversity, this site offers an insight to the cultural industries and the creative world through four sections: “Artist Inspirations”, “Creative Jobs”, “Intercultural Dialog” and “De Facto” .

“Intercultural Dialogue” interview with South African soprano Pumeza.
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  • Vivendi partner of The Cargo innovation platform

Vivendi joined Paris&Co, the economic development and innovation agency of Paris, to launch The Cargo platform dedicated to the cultural, creative and digital content industries in 2016. The Cargo is the largest European start-up incubator. As a founding member, Vivendi pays particular attention to the ability of young companies to promote diversity of content and artistic expression in their projects, and to encourage more women into digital entrepreneurship.


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  • Women in the cultural and creative industries

Supporting the contribution of women throughout the entire content production process is a component of Vivendi’s performance. After launching its initial study on the role of women in cinema and music in Europe in 2013, Vivendi created a Steering Committee made up of several professionals of Canal+ Group and Universal Music in order to raise awareness and collect data. The subject of the role of women in artistic creation fuelled in particular the partnership between Vivendi and Sciences Po.

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  • Promoting new talent in the digital age

Digital gives a special impetus to Vivendi’s business expertise in the discovery and support of talent. New artists and musicians were discovered by UMG in 2015 through Spinnup. This platform allows musicians and artists who have not signed with a record label to put their compositions online for subsequent distribution by all the major global digital retailers. Digitick and Infoconcert, subsidiaries of Vivendi Village, also provide support to young artists. In 2015 their teams launched the editorial mechanism Digilove which offers visitors a chance to discover a selection of young musical talents ( Jeune scène française , La scène féminine ) showcased on their respective media.

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  • Supporting local talent in emerging markets

A committed player and major investor in the African film industry, Canal+ Afrique contributes to the influence and development of the seventh art on the African continent. The group supports numerous African cinematographic productions: since 2005, more than 50 films have been co-produced or pre-purchased. In 2015, 5.5 million euros were invested in African production (fi lms, audio visual programs, A+, Nollywood TV). In 2015, In Vietnam, K+, which wants to expand its audience to movie fans, co-produced five Vietnamese films for the first time in 2015.


Cultural diversity sits at the heart of Universal Music Group’s business; UMG offers an extensive catalog covering every musical genre. UMG’s growth is based both on developing its roster of international artists and on spotting and promoting local talent, whether the artists are young and upcoming or best-selling acts. UMG maintains its leadership position in its different national markets. In 2015, UMG signed local artists in 59 countries, with albums recorded in 44 languages and released in 120 countries.

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  • Studiocanal : enhancing cinema heritage

Studiocanal continues its particularly dynamic policy of promoting and preserving cinematographic heritage. With over 5,000 titles, Studiocanal holds one of the most important film catalogs in the world. In 2015, €1.1 million was invested to restore in 4k or HD, digitize and modernize 36 titles from the catalog

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