Knowledge Sharing

Encouraging knowledge sharing to foster our public’s access to media, culture and information, stimulating critical thinking, promoting learning to live together are strategic aspects of Vivendi’s social responsibility policy.

The group offers content that have an influence on many audiences worldwide. Editorial independence, pluralism and high quality content, access to information, media – and digital media –  literacy, and awareness of sustainable development, are among the essential criteria for evaluating Vivendi’s intellectual and human influence.


Main focus of the area for action

  • Promoting pluralism of information and quality of content
    • Implement the group’s commitment to pluralism and freedom of expression
    • Guarantee a balanced representation of the society’s diversity
  • Make good use of the group’s impact on society via its content
    • Develop media literacy
    • Encourage dialogue and openness between peoples and generations
    • Raise people’s awareness of sustainable development issues
  • Facilitating access to media and content
    • Invest to extend the geographical coverage of the group’s services
    • Promote media accessibility for isolated/ marginalized persons

Some examples  of initiatives and best practices

  • CanalOlympia: facilitating access to culture in Africa

In 2015, Vivendi launched an ambitious plan to open a network of performance venues in Central and West Africa under the name of CanalOlympia. These multi-use venues, which can serve as movie theaters or concert halls and venues, will facilitate access to culture and entertainment for audiences in countries that lack adequate infrastructure, and will act as catalysts for the development of talent in Africa. In the long-term, CanalOlympia intends to play a role in tying together the different cultural actors present on the continent.



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  • Facilitate access to media and content

Vivendi aims to facilitate access to the group’s products and services so that the most isolated audiences, regardless of where they live, their age or financial position, can share the benefits of this rich audiovisual, cinematographic and musical offer. In conjunction with the rollout of a DTT offer in Congo, Canal+ Group plans to offer a monthly subscription to low-income households at a very low cost.  In countries with poor infrastructures, UMG forms partnerships with telecom providers to create music bundles. These partnerships facilitate access to music content for geographically isolated populations.  For instance, a partnership with provider Smart gave birth to Spinnr, the first streaming music service in the Philippines.

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  • Raising awareness on sustainable development issues

With CSR webradio Vivoice, Vivendi gives the floor to stakeholders on the group’s CSR issues. “CSR sets the tone”, in short format, gave numerous stakeholders an opportunity to speak, including: CNIL (the French data protection authority), University of Paris VIII, the Avignon Forum, the European Youth Parliament, the Cultural Diversity Observatory, along with the association ATD Quart Monde, the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity, South Pole Group, the HF Movement for Equality of Men and Women in Culture, and Sycomore AM. Vivoice also organizes special programs which have addressed the following topics: “Gender and Fiction”, “The Production of Women’s Films”, “Intercultural Dialogue: Proposals for Action”, “Responsible Purchasing: from Commitment to Implementation”, “Companies: the Challenge of Digital Innovation and Trust”, and “Manufacturing Curiosity: Digital and Cultural Diversity Debated at UNESCO”.

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