Innovative positioning

As a key player in the media sector, Vivendi differentiates itself through its approach and contribution to sustainable development, aimed at: meeting the needs of present and future generations to communicate;  fostering the development of their talent; nurturing their curiosity; and encouraging intercultural dialog and learning to live together.

Being aware of the human and cultural influence exerted by the group over millions of customers and citizens, Vivendi has defined four CSR strategic “core” issues relating to human rights:

  • promoting cultural diversity in the production and distribution of content while fostering the artistic creative process;
  • empowering and protecting young people in their use of digital media;
  • fostering knowledge sharing which includes pluralism of content, media accessibility and literacy;
  • reconciling the valuation and protection of personal data to take advantage of the great potential of digital technology, while respecting the privacy of the group’s customers.

These four strategic “core” issues are part of Vivendi’s eight CSR priority issues.  


The group aims to promote cultural diversity as a growth driver and a pillar of social cohesion. It therefore shares the vision of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which, in its 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, stated that cultural diversity is “a mainspring of sustainable development of communities, peoples and nations”. Encouraging diversity in musical repertoires and cinematographic expression, promoting local talent and showcasing cultural heritage – these objectives are shared by all the group’s business units (please refer to the Integrated Reporting Pilot Project

Films, television programs, the Internet and other platforms can, on the one hand, expose young people to risks: the disclosure of personal data, excessive or inappropriate use, and access to sensitive content. On the other hand, these digital tools can offer them vast opportunities in terms of expression and discovery as well as employability once they can master the use of media and information. It is Vivendi’s responsibility to empower and protect the younger generation in its use of digital media and cultural practices, so that young people can express their creativity and status as citizens in an environment that respects their rights.

Due to the international nature of its businesses, the group has a duty to guarantee quality and pluralism of content, to facilitate access to content offerings and media, to encourage dialog among cultures, and to raise awareness with respect to sustainability considerations.


The innovative steps taken by the group to offer content and services meeting the expectations of its customers and its various audiences while taking advantage of pooling its subsidiaries’ skills and resources must be accompanied by vigilance when it comes to protecting personal data. The group partners’ trust in this digital transition is at the heart of the company’s long-term performance. 


Our specific issues stem from human rights

Vivendi’s four strategic issues are directly related to human rights:

This positioning was applauded by the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH), which, in November 2014, added Vivendi to its Liberty and Solidarity Investment Fund, a fund that has been managed by Banque Postale Asset Management since 2001. In particular, the FIDH recognized “the innovative efforts undertaken by Vivendi in terms of understanding, measuring and improving its impact on human rights.” The FIDH noted that “establishing and reporting on indicators measuring the impact, in terms of human rights, of the content distributed by Vivendi is especially innovative.” The FIDH also encourages Vivendi to continue its efforts and to pursue its policy of dialog.

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