Dialog with all the Group’s Stakeholders

The Group maintains regular and constructive dialog with all its stakeholders. 

In 2014, the CSR department consulted 40 external stakeholders to better understand their perception of Vivendi’s CSR policy. This consultation was a two-step process. First a meeting was held at Vivendi’s headquarters, after which a questionnaire was sent to all the stakeholders targeted. The questionnaire was completed by 65% of recipients. Five categories of stakeholders were consulted: shareholders/investors representatives, public authorities, the institutional environment, academic institutions and associations/NGO/experts. The three “historic” strategic issues defi ned in 2003 (promoting cultural diversity, protecting and empowering young people and fostering knowledge sharing) were recognized as “highly relevant” to the group’s activities. The need to better communicate with the public at large on these “core” objectives was emphatically stressed. Following this consultation, and to meet the request for a better identifi cation, out of the eight priority CSR issues, of those related directly to the group’s positioning in the media and its strategy, the decision was made to add to the three historic CSR issues the one relating to the valuation and protection of personal data. 


Aside from this consultation, Vivendi shared its thoughts throughout the year with its partners and with other public and private players. In particular, Vivendi participated in the ministerial committee “Gender equality in culture” established by the French Ministry of Culture, and presented its works on the place of women in artistic creation. Vivendi also contributed to the discussions of the International Integrated Reporting Council, of the UNESCO chair “Forwardance in sustainable digital development”, of the Sustainable Finance Commission of Paris Europlace, and also of the European Youth Parliament.

In 2014, eager to contribute to public debate and to share its thoughts on its CSR issues, Vivendi participated in the digital dialog initiated by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and French m inister responsible for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire, and was a part of public consultation on the topic “Loyalty in the digital environment.”

In 2014, Vivendi also responded to invitations from several organizations such as the Council of Europe, the European Network for Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC), the French CSR Institute, UNICEF, the University of Poitiers, and the employers’ union MEDEF to present its CSR policy and the changes made in non-financial reporting.

As a founding member and active contributor to the CSR Media Forum, which brings together the French media companies committed to CSR, Vivendi participated in the conference held at France’s National Library to launch the handbook “CSR in the Media Sector.” Vivendi had a part in the preparation of this handbook, the aim of which is to present issues of responsibility that are media specifi c, to share the initiatives of the sector and to develop sector reporting tools. The handbook thus contributes in the strengthening of dialog among CSR specialists and the sector’s various players and observers.

This dialog with stakeholders is valuable as it provides an opportunity to anticipate societal trends, and in this way contributes to the group’s overall performance.


Because public reflection and dialog bring new ideas and suggestions to any group that keeps abreast of its stakeholders’ concerns, the CSR department maintains in-depth discussion through the website Culture(s) with Vivendi and the CSR webradio Vivoice.

Through testimonials from international personalities and rich and varied contributions, the website Culture(s) with Vivendi  illustrates in concrete ways the role played by the cultural industries and the media sector in fostering sustainable development (De Facto section) and learing to live together (Intercultural Dialogue section). The website also makes it possible to showcase the wide array of artists signed by the group (Artist Inspiration section)  and to find out about career paths in the media sector (Creative Jobs section). Because the voices of young people are an important part of Vivendi’s CSR policy, a “Youth Forum” section was created so that young people could express their views and expectations.

In additions, stakeholders have the floor on Vivoice  in short broadcasts entitled “CSR sets the tone,” in which Novethic, the AMF (the French Financial Markets Authority ), the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) together with the Enjeux e-medias, the Council  de l’Europe, and the Federation of Women Administrators, Sycomore AM all participated.  Vivoice also aired special programs addressing the following topics: “Creative Internet, a lever of expression and employability for young people,” “Africa, culture and sustainable development,” “CSR and corporate governance,” and “Human rights in the digital era.” The social media, which was highly active during the broadcasts, spread these testimonials to the company’s different audiences.


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