Employee shareholding

The renewal of a corporate commitment.

Employee shareholding is a confirmed ambition of the Vivendi Group, which places great value on employees’ performance and encourages their participation in improving the company’s results. All the Group’s French subsidiaries have implemented participation and/or profit sharing agreements.

Perceived as a fair sharing of profits, the system goes beyond legislative obligations. The total net amounts received by employees of the Group’s French companies in the form of profit sharing, shareholding, and matching employer contributions to the PEG (Plan Épargne Groupe – Group savings plan) increased by 3.3% over the record rate of 2011.

The renewal of the annual capital increase reserved for employees of Group companies under the “OPUS 13” PEG brought their level of stock ownership past the threshold of 3.83% of Vivendi’s share capital, entitling them to a representative on the Supervisory Board. The OPUS capital guarantee was complemented by an accumulated minimum return guarantee whose annual return increased from 2.5% to 4%.

Also, in 2006, Vivendi launched a Free Share Allocation plan to benefit all its employees, an operation which was repeated in 2012.


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