Daniel Scolan

SDR 2007-2008

« The sustainable development process is a part of Vivendi’s strategy and of its management. Out of a concern for responsibility, it makes use of the environmental, social and governance issues that have been identified to give an account of the impact of sustainable development criteria on the company’s quality and performance.
Vivendi’s Investor Relations department, in close collaboration with General Management and the Communication department, has become aware of the increasing inclusion, in diverse forms, of SRI criteria in investors’ decisionmaking process.
An increasing number of players have a fundamental role in Vivendi’s SRI universe, either directly as analysts or managers of large SRI funds, or indirectly as participants in the chain of investment recommendations and decisions. As a result, work has been undertaken to familiarize the financial community with the group’s commitments and practices as regards sustainable development. The very favorable feedback we have had from these efforts has prompted us to extend them by further developing the already substantial dialogue we maintain with our investor partners. »