Pascale Thumerelle

ASDR 2008

« Vivendi, which has considerably strengthened its business activities through major acquisitions in recent years, now stands as a world leader in communications and entertainment. This position requires that our commitments to corporate responsibility, outlined in several charters and rules of conduct, acquire a more direct legibility for all our stakeholders. This transparency is embodied by Vivendi’s joining of the United Nations Global Compact.
Aware of the fact that the group’s business activities play a major role in strengthening mutual understanding and social ties, Vivendi is committed to promoting human rights throughout its sphere of influence, through its activities as a producer and distributor of content and its service offerings. Universal Music Group supports local artists and contributes to promoting them on the worldwide level, and in particular within their language communities. Maroc Telecom and its subsidiaries are investing in solar energy as a means of ending the isolation of villages in certain African countries. SFR is ensuring that disabled persons benefit from the innovations of mobile telephony. The Canal+ Group supports cinematic works that enrich dialogue between cultures and stands out for its production of documentaries that call attention to racism, sexism, and exclusion. Activision Blizzard, through its games and its citizenship programs, encourages exchange and solidarity. These examples illustrate the range of the group’s actions in favor of human rights.
In these ways, to promote its vision of sustainable development, Vivendi works to facilitate access to knowledge, close the digital gap, and encourage the expression of talent, participation in cultural life and a spirit of openness. »